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10 Practical Research Paper Writing Guidelines For 6th Grade Students

When it comes to writing a successful research paper, there are some practical guidelines that you may need to follow.

  • Choosing the right topic
  • When you are choosing a topic to write about, you want to make sure that it is exciting or interesting so that you want to write about it. You want to make sure that it is relevant so that it counts for your grade. It should also have enough information on it to write a paper but not too much that you should rather write a book.

  • Conducting preliminary research
  • You will want to read anything and everything that you can get your hands on. That way you can start to get an idea of what you will focus your paper and your research on.

  • Brainstorming research questions
  • You will need to write a question for your paper. It should be something that you want to know about your main topic. It can also be something that you learned from your research. You will want to start jotting down ideas.

  • Developing a focus
  • The next step is to develop a focus for your paper. This will be what your paper will be about and is the answer to the research question that you chose.

  • Creating a thesis
  • You will answer your question and incorporate the focus into creating a thesis statement. This will be what your paper is aiming to prove.

  • Locating resources
  • You will now start to look for resources and information that proves your thesis statement. You may have found some information that you can use during your preliminary research but now you will need to work on proving all of your statements.

  • Citing resources
  • Make sure to give proper credit to the author for anything that is from a source and is not common knowledge.

  • Creating an outline
  • You need to create a plan as to what you will talk about in the paper. It is a really great way to organize your thoughts.

  • Rough draft
  • The first draft of your paper is the rough draft and it should be your first attempt at writing your paper.

  • Proofread/edit
  • Read through your paper a bunch of times to make sure that it makes sense, it is easy to understand, and it is free of errors.