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Physical Geography Term Paper Topics: 20 Interesting Suggestions

Physical geography covers a wide range of different subcategories. As a result, when it comes to thinking of term paper topic ideas to write about, you have a great choice available to you. For example, you may wish to look at topics relating to oceanography, and how currents and waves impact upon the geography of the world or local areas. Alternatively, you may wish to look at various geographical features, such as glaciers; or you could even look at how glaciers and different rock formations help us to understand more about different ice ages and other geographical eras that have occurred.

If you have any ideas then it can be useful to use brainstorming techniques to help you decide on a particular title to use. Furthermore, for extra inspiration when it comes to thinking of ideas in the first place, you may find it useful to look at the list of titles below.

  1. An in-depth study of the movements of a particular glacier since the beginning of the 20th century

  2. What impact have humans had on the extinction of marine wildlife since the end of the Second World War?

  3. An analysis of successful conservation techniques that are aimed at preventing the extinction of animals caused by human behaviour

  4. An analysis of ocean currents and waves in relation to the tidal effect of the moon

  5. An examination into the formation of meanders

  6. An explanation of the formation of waterfalls

  7. An analysis of soil types in your local area

  8. The creation of natural arches formed by rocks

  9. An analysis of different weathering processes that can affect the coastline

  10. A case study of coastal erosion and its effects on the local human population

  11. An examination of the current ice age in comparison with previous ice ages

  12. What causes ocean tides?

  13. How responsible are humans for the current melting of the polar ice caps?

  14. What would happen to ocean tides if the moon did not exist?

  15. How fossils used to analyse the past and what scientific techniques are used in the dating process?

  16. An analysis of the science behind meteorology and how accurate it is

  17. How does the different composition of minerals in various soils influence their effectiveness in agriculture?

  18. What is a desert?

  19. An examination of how lakes and rivers formed

  20. A case study of a local lake