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Interesting Research Paper Topics: 23 Fresh Ideas For College Students

A research paper is an interesting academic task that students complete during their careers. Most of the times, the subject of this paper is going to be something original and unique. If you talk about obsolete ideas or over discussed subjects in your paper then no one is going to pay attention. This is obvious if you apply the same situation to yourself. Therefore, ideally, you should consider asking for a third opinion by a friend or get assistance from your supervisor when you want to finalize a topic for your research paper

Topic selection may take longer than expected in some cases because you are to choose an original as well as interesting topic. Apart from being unique, the title of your assignment should also be something that can develop a curiosity of your readers and get them interested to read the rest of your paper. You should choose to talk about an aspect that would contribute towards adding value to the existing subject

Students might feel tough to choose a winning topic for their research papers because they are under confident about their ideas. They may not have enough grasp of the subject to choose a potential gap and address it. If you are facing any trouble creating a strong topic for your research paper, then you should consider the following ideas

Topic ideas to consider for a research paper

  1. The impact of global learning and internet technology on local schools

  2. When and how do people develop language and what is the best age to learn different languages

  3. What is the best way to eradicate bullying from school and work environments

  4. No woman should have the right to abort because it is after all a murder no matter what the situation

  5. Woman should have all the legal right to keep or abort a baby because it is a part of their body

  6. Education for all and the hindrance

  7. Gender roles have evolved since a century

  8. Women empowerment

  9. Objectifying women for several reasons

  10. Does religion encourage oppression

  11. Does religion promote violence

  12. Right or wrong parenting

  13. Free range parenting is best

  14. Helicopter parenting is the ideal approach

  15. Celebrity craze should be over

  16. Originality

  17. Literature in 21st century

  18. Love and its forms

  19. Is war a solution

  20. The benefits of war

  21. An insight to dyslexia

  22. Down syndrome

  23. Pregnancy and mood swings