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How To Format A Bibliography For A Research Paper On Global Warming

Writing a research paper on global warming is tricky because you have to put plenty of effort to complete your research and also format everything according to the provided instructions. The hardest thing for most students is formatting a bibliography. It should keep track of all books, journals, databases, and websites that you have used while doing your background study.

What Information about Each Source to Collect

Your instructor probably wants you to have a minimum number of sources of information and data, so ensure that you follow these requirements. It makes sense to collect the bibliographical information about the sources while you are working with them. If you do not have a possibility to do so, make copies of the sources to be able to come back later.

For printed sources you need to write down an author’s name; title, date, and place of publication; a publishing company, volume of a journal, and page numbers. Electronic resources require an author’s and/or editor’s name, a title of the webpage, organization or institution that posted the material, URL, and date of last access.

The aforementioned details can be found on a title page of a book, an article’ heading, the first or second page of the journal, a contents page of a magazine, at the top/bottom of a webpage, and in the “About” or “Contacts” page of a website.

How to Format Your Bibliography Correctly

To format a bibliography for your research paper on global warming, you should use the options provided by your word processor and keep these guidelines in mind:

  1. Choose a reference style. The most popular formatting styles are APA, MLA, and Chicago. Ask your professor which one you should use.

  2. Add citations throughout the text by using an “Add New Source” option. Include the information about each source to the dialog box and click “OK.”

  3. Insert the bibliography. After you have added all the sources, select a “Bibliography” command, choose the required formatting style, and get the complete list at the end of your research paper.

  4. Get a formatting manual. If you have any questions, find a formatting manual in the school’s library or visit the writing lab.

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