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Writing A Strong Academic Research Paper: Basic Manual For Dummies

A research paper is one important assignment of your academic career due to certain reasons. It helps teachers to asses the skills of the students and helps the students in identifying certain aspects of the subject that need attention. It encourages students to take initiative and perform experimentation to develop a genuine interest in the paper. This would improve the confidence of the student because he will know his capability and the way he can utilize his potentials to solve certain problems. The process of writing an effective research paper will require certain steps and milestones and you cannot complete it in one go or over the night.

Consider the following steps to help you start a strong paper from scratch and come up with a great paper.

Come up with a narrowed and precise topic

You should start with something that is your passion so that you can find a way to your topic. Consider asking your teachers and supervisors for suggestions in this phase. Develop a question or research prompt you will answer.

Gather the resources for the paper

Once you choose the topic to address, you need to find sources where you will gather the relevant and necessary information for writing your paper. The sources may be primary or secondary depending upon the requirements of your paper. Common sources include interviews, questionnaires, journals, catalog, bibliography, government records, and the internet.

Organize your data

After you collect your data, you should form it in order, sequence, and the logic in which these ideas will appear in your paper. You can group similar data together to save time and efforts in writing the structure of your paper. You can use certain techniques and strategies for organizing your data in the best possible manner. Be sure to note down the sources so that you can use this data in citations.

Write the introduction

Create an introduction of your paper by presenting your topic and scope of work to the readers. Make sure this paragraph is precise and engaging because you need to hook your readers in this section. They will only continue to read your paper if they find your effort impressive.

Create the body

Use the data in your outline to create the body of your paper and explain your arguments.

Write the conclusion

Summarize your paper by writing an effective and precise conclusion.