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A Quick Guide To Picking Fun Research Paper Topics

Make a list of all the hobbies and pastimes that you enjoy

When it comes to selecting topics for any kind of essay, it is always advisable to pick something that you will enjoy. This is especially true when it comes to writing research papers, particularly due to the amount of work that will be involved.

A good tip when it comes to thinking of a topic is to try and think of any hobbies and pastimes that you are currently partaking in, as well as any that you may have enjoyed in the past, but haven’t necessarily had the opportunity to continue.

If you can try and think of a topic that in some way relates to any of your hobbies, then you will almost certainly enjoy writing the work.

Look back over past papers that you’ve written to try and find your favourites

Another good way of thinking of fun topics to write about is to look over previous papers and see what you enjoyed doing in the past. If there was a particular paper that gave you great pleasure writing, then you could even expand upon the ideas that you originally wrote about, or you could try and find topics that are in some way related to that paper.

Picking papers that evoke strong opinions and/or emotions

If you can think of any issues that you have strong opinions about or are likely to evoke strong emotions, then they may be good for writing about. If you really care about the topic that you’re writing about, it makes it a lot easier to get stuck into the work. You can have great pleasure in thinking of good arguments to back up your points and really get your message across.

Picking topics that you will enjoy researching, as well as writing

When it comes to writing the paper, there is obviously going to be a lot of research involved. Therefore, as well as thinking of something that you will enjoy writing about, is good idea to try and think of a topic that you will have fun researching as well.

One good suggestion is to think about the possible research methods that you may use, and try and think which of them you enjoy doing the most. Having decided which method you’d most like to partake in, try to think of a topic that would benefit from that particular method of research.