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How to Come Up With Exciting Research Paper Topics in Five Easy Steps

Writing a research paper can be quite a challenging. But the odds are very great that you will have to write quite a few of them during your academic career. The key to an exciting paper is usually picking a great topic. Follow these five easy steps for picking exciting research paper topics.

  1. Check social media: social media has also of fun stories, but the current trending news items are stream on different media sites. By checking the top social media sites, you can get a lot of ideas in a short amount of time.
  2. Read the newspapers: I have three newspapers I scan every morning. So can each one takes me about five minutes to preview. So, I know what is going on in the world in about fifteen minutes. I do not read each article, only the title and byline. You could scan recognized newspapers and then read the titles that appeal to you more in depth. You will have a topic before you know it.
  3. Listen to Talk Radio: Contrary to popular belief, talk radio is not boring. It is a great multi-tasking tool. As you ride or drive to school, you can listen to the latest news on talk radio. Pay careful attention, I bet you will have a topic in n time at all.
  4. Listen to Your Parents at Meal Time: As your parents talk about the latest news, listen to them. The world around us and all that the world entails makes great fodder for research paper topics. Before you know it, you will be joining in on the conversation with your own opinions and ideas.
  5. Use Online Debate Sites: You do not have to join the debate team. However, did you know that the debate team keeps a breast of current and trending news topics? There are about a dozen recognized debate websites. Go to those sites and scan the topic list. You will be surprised at how many ideas you can find there. And the lists are updated to stay current on a regular basis.

All five of these tips for finding topics are speedy. You can check the top social media sites, scan the online newspapers, listen to talk radio on your way to and your way from school, listen to your parents at meal times, and peruse the many online debate sites that exist. You will have an exciting topic before you know it.