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A List Of Successful Research Paper Topics On Technology Development

You’ve been assigned a Research Paper. No need to panic, just because it is longer than the usual essays you have been given before. The steps are very similar, but the work will take longer, as you might expect. No one can produce effective work in a last minute rush, so make sure you allow plenty of time to explore properly and analyze the data you find.

In all other respects, expect for length, your work will progress in the same way as an essay.

  • Do the research – make sure you understand what you are supposed to be looking for
  • Organize your notes
  • Produce an outline
  • Make sure you only include evidence that supports your thesis statement
  • Write the document
  • Edit
  • Proofread

Yes, really it is a simple as that. Choosing the topic for your work is the most difficult part. Technology has been advancing at an increasing rate in recent years so what to include and what to leave out. It would be easy to feel overwhelmed by the choice, so you have to narrow your focus.

In thinking about ideas, one of the best places to look is your course work. Is there something in there that you feel particularly drawn to explore? As this is going to take more time and effort than your average essay, it is vital that you choose a subject that interests you. Enthusiasm can help you continue to push harder and reach for the dizzy heights of an A when you really just want to give up and take the lower grade.

As you start your search for information be sure to have more than one idea, just in case your first thoughts do not turn up enough evidence.

A few ideas to get you started

  1. Are the children of today growing up with a different world?
  2. How can technology solve the world’s problems? You might want to narrow it just one problem.
  3. Do we use equipment that is released in a hurry with glitches just to keep up with the pace of change?
  4. How do you think the world will look like in 20 years?
  5. Can sims video games really solve problems in the real world?
  6. What in your opinion is the most important advance this century? Why?
  7. Are there negative effects of using the internet so much?
  8. Discuss the main differences between a human brain and a computer.
  9. Are self-driving cars a menace or vital on today’s packed roads?
  10. In what ways could technology advance the education system?