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Efficient Techniques for Citing Sources in Your Term Paper: Avoiding Common Mistakes

The most common mistakes when writing a term paper are citing mistakes. Lots of students don’t know how to cite resources in the proper way. The following recommendations will help you avoid mistakes and write a successful term paper:

  1. You should not only list the sources you have used, but also add citations to the body of your paper. This type of citing is called “in-text citation.”
  2. Don’t write the whole sentence to present an author or work in the text of your paper; only write the author’s name and page number. Some universities also require adding the year of publication. If you cite electronic sources, a page number isn’t needed.
  3. The first way to create an in-text citation is a block quote. This method is appropriate if you need to add the whole passage of the text you want to quote in your paper.
  4. The second method is an inline quotation. It is used if the quote is less than three lines.
  5. Use paraphrasing if you want to reveal the main idea of the author in your own words. Of course, this should be cited as well.
  6. Your research cannot be accepted without a list of references. Get ready for this complicated and tricky task.
  7. In order not to have problems with references, leave enough time to organize them.
  8. You should write all the sources you used on a separate page (or pages). This page should be at the end of your term paper.
  9. Use hanging indents for each source to make your list of cited works easier to read.
  10. There are different works you can refer to, and all of them require different formats.
  11. List all the sources in alphabetical order by the last name of the author or the organization (for example, if you refer to a governmental agency or a non-profit foundation).
  12. If you’ve cited a couple of works from the same author, you should sort them by the year of publication (earliest year first).
  13. If you’ve used electronic materials, you should include the terms [Online] or [CRDOM]. It’s needed to help your readers with any possible files and web pages searches.
  14. It’s better not to number the references, because you can have problems with possible renumbering if you add one or more new sources.
  15. Don’t forget to title your list of references.
  16. If you have some problems with citing, it’s better to consult your instructor.