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A List of Outstanding Research Paper Ideas for College

Coming up with a great research paper topic idea can sometimes be the most difficult task in the whole process. You want to pick something that is interesting and original, in order to make researching the topic much easier and to make writing on it more enjoyable. Here is a short list of outstanding research paper ideas for you to consider:

  1. Air pollution and societal responsibility. Are societies or governments responsible for controlling air pollution, especially since it is bound to affect not just areas within specific boundaries?
  2. Creationism in elementary, middle and high school. Should creationism be taught in schools? If so, is there a school year or age in which the subject is appropriate?
  3. Environmental cancer and societal responsibility. Are governments or societies responsible for the causes of cancer when they have been linked to environmental factors? If not they, then who?
  4. Evolution in elementary, middle and high school. Should evolution be taught in schools? If so, is there a school year or age when the subject is appropriate to be taught?
  5. Genetic engineering and the ethics question. Will genetic engineering ever pass the ethics test? And under what conditions will the technology remain within the right side of the ethics question?
  6. HIV testing and privacy rights for LGBT community. Many local governments require members of the LGBT community to submit to an HIV test before qualifying for blood donation. Is this discriminatory and a violation of privacy?
  7. Gay marriage and federal rights. This debate has gone on for decades and is heating up in recent years. Should gay marriage be protected by federal law or does the right of inclusion or exclusion fall within the state’s jurisdiction?
  8. Organ transplants and the priority patients list. Are the current criteria for organ transplant recipients fair? What modifications to the way decisions are made should be explored to make the process fair to all patients?
  9. Public school funding and performance. Should a school’s performance regarding grades and state testing determine how much they receive in funding? Should schools get more assistance for underachievement or will this only encourage schools to remain below average?
  10. Renewable energy as a growing business. More companies are exploring renewable energy but the industry remains largely underfunded when compared to the oil industry. What are the benefits to a nation’s economy should the renewable energy industry grow?