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An Academic Tutorial: How To Get Help With Creating A Term Paper Appendix

The appendix of a paper is a section devoted to tables, charts and other things that may be referenced throughout. It is not included in the word count or page count for the document but is subject to most of the same rules of formatting.

Essays do not usually have appendices but they are common in longer pieces of academic writing. To explain one without a sample would be difficult and might even do more harm than good so this tutorial will explain how you can acquire all the knowledge you need to compile one of good quality.

Ask your teacher or professor to lend you some exemplary samples

A very well done term paper can speak volumes about the way appendices are meant to be compiled. You can look at it and see the size of the margins, the placement of the numbers, the number of images or tables that are allowed per page and so on. It is perhaps the only tool that will work for visual learners.

Find and read the guideline booklet for your academic format

Whether you are expected to use APA, MLA, Chicago Style or any other writing style, there will be a booklet that you can use as a manual. It will show you everything you need to know about the various sections of your paper and how to avoid common errors. You may notice that this does not adequately explain the process to you. In that case refer to your sample while reading the booklet.

Look for video tutorials

These are another boon for visual learners. People who have learned the process the hard way often upload their own homemade videos to make sure that people who want to learn what they know have an easier time of it. Just remember that some of the people who share their wisdom are not very wise.

Ask a friend to explain it to you

If you know someone who seems to understand appendices, ask them to explain them to you in person. This allows you to stop them and ask questions until you feel satisfied. This may take a while but a good friend should be glad to help.

There are many parts that make up a well formatted paper. You should make sure that each one obeys the rules of your expected format to ensure you earn the highest grade.