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The 10 Best Ideas For Political Science Research Paper Topics

Political science is broad with subtopics that touch on sociology, law, economics and many of the other social sciences. By embarking on a course of study in this field you therefore become a student of all of them at different times. Another key feature of this subject is its ability to divide opinions. Much like religion and sex, people will hold their opinions on politics close to their hearts. In selecting topics for research the following should always be considered:

  • Will the current government object to my research and if so, do I live in a region where this could cause problems for myself and my family?
  • Are the resources that I need to access usually made available to members of the public and if not, is there any other reputable way for me to find out what I need to know?
  • Has anyone else delved deeply into these theories or concepts recently and if they have, would my research add anything valuable to the discourse?
  1. Can the two part system of government truly be seen as democratic if citizens are only polled for opinions at the end of the term?
  2. Should campaign contributors be required to disclose the sizes of their contributions and the sources from which those funds were pulled?
  3. To what extent is the legal profession dependent on the functioning of political parties to survive and thrive?
  4. How has the Westminster system of government evolved from the systems that came before it?
  5. How does the American system of government differ from that of most former British colonies?
  6. Are term limits for heads of state a form of discrimination against a citizen who should have the right to serve indefinitely?
  7. Failed states: A collection of circumstances that ensure the descent into anarchy and lawlessness
  8. Surviving the Dutch Disease: How proper political planning can rescue nations dependant on a single source of income
  9. How can policy makers increase the international clout of small nations that have traditionally been powerless?
  10. How has the introduction of trading blocs influenced the political systems of individual member states?

With these in mind you can take an informed look at the system in your country or any other that fascinates you and write something thought provoking.