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10 Helpful Suggestions For Composing A Research Paper On Smoking

Smoking has been a hot topic for discussion for a long time, which makes it an interesting topic for research. Here are 10 helpful suggestions for composing a research paper on smoking.

  1. The effects of smoking on the economy
  2. Research has indicated that while governments benefit in the form of taxes collected from the sale of cigarettes, the financial resources spent on treating smoking related illnesses far outweigh the taxes collected. You can conduct a study to investigate the validity of this statement.

  3. The causes of teenage smoking
  4. Many reasons have been presented to try and explain why teenagers are influenced to get into smoking. You can conduct a study to investigate why and how teenagers get into smoking.

  5. The impact of second hand smoke on the health
  6. Many people have complained that second hand smoke is more harmful to non-smokers than first-hand smoke on active smokers. Your research can investigate if this is true.

  7. The effects of smoking on the health of pregnant mothers and the unborn baby
  8. You can conduct an investigative study on how pregnant smokers are affected by smoke and the effects of their habits on the unborn child.

  9. Has the ban on smoking in public helped to reduce the number of smokers?
  10. Many countries have in the recent past imposed bans on smoking in public places. While the aim of such policies is largely aimed at protecting non smokers, little research has been conducted on the effects of such policies on discouraging or reducing smoking. You can focus your study around such issues.

  11. The effect of graphic warning labels cigarette packets on smoking habits
  12. Many countries across the developed world have enacted laws that require cigarette manufacturers to put graphic warning labels on cigarette packets. You can conduct a study to investigate the effect of such warning labels on the habits of cigarette smokers.

  13. The role of movies, films and pop culture in promoting or discouraging smoking
  14. It has been argued that the media has played a significant role in influencing behaviors within the society. You can conduct a study to investigate how movies, film and pop culture has influenced the society to perceive smoking as a cool thing or a bad habit.

  15. The effectiveness of anti-smoking campaigns in reducing smoking among teenagers
  16. Many schools have introduced programs designed to discourage and reduce the rising cases of smoking among teenagers. You can investigate whether these programs are effective.

  17. The effect of smoking on life expectancy
  18. The negative health effects of smoking are obvious to most informed people. However, little research has been conducted to investigate the long term effects of smoking. You can investigate how smoking affects the life expectancy of people.

  19. How healthy are electronic cigarettes?
  20. In recent times, electronic cigarettes have been touted as healthier than conventional cigarettes. However, e-cigarettes still contain nicotine. Conduct a study to investigate the validity of this claim.