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Where Can I Find A Sample Research Paper In The Chicago Style Effortlessly?

Although not as common as the APA and the MLA styles of citation, the Chicago style is still popular among students all over the world. Before embarking on your quest to find sample research papers in the Chicago style effortlessly, you should know what it does differently.

The Chicago Style concerns itself with two aspects:

  • Citing sources in footnotes and endnotes as opposed to quoting them in the text, as is the case with the APA style
  • Compiling a list of all resources at the end of the paper in the bibliography

Guidelines for using the Chicago Style of Writing:

Although you can find a plethora of examples online, you should have an idea of the directions before employing it in your paper. Here they are:

  • Formatting:

    1. At least an inch of margin should be left on all sides.
    2. Prefer using a serif font such as Times New Roman.
    3. The font size should not be any less than 10.
    4. Lines should be double-spaced.
    5. All quotations should be put into block letters, and the space of a single line should be left after it.
    6. All subheads should have a space of a single line before and after them.
    7. The header should contain the Arabic numeral of the page number on the right-hand side.

  • The Subject Matter:

    1. The title page should contain the name of the paper at approximately one-third the height of the page. The name and other details should be entered in a space of several lines.
    2. The titles in the body of the paper should be written in the style of a headline, with each letter of the title capitalized except in the cases of articles and prepositions.
    3. The names of books should be italicized, where articles and titles of chapters put inside ‘quotation marks’.

This is only a glimpse of the writing style. The Chicago style is much more detailed and requires the most attention for footnotes and bibliography. You can try the following sources to look up a sample paper in the Chicago Style effortlessly:

  • College and university websites: make these your first choice, as they have the most credible and accurate information
  • Online Notes websites
  • Study forums and discussion groups
  • EBooks
  • Apart from these, websites that offer Mass Open Online Courses will also prove to be an excellent choice for extracting examples