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Where To Look For A Good Research Paper Proposal Example

Prior to the actual researches and writing of your research paper, it is required that you submit a proposal for approval before you can start researching and writing on the topic. Anyways, it has never been an easy task composing such proposals, especially if you have other non-academic obligations to meet up or if it is your first time writing such academic paper. It is not out of place for you to feel lost but don’t worry, you can always get the help you so much need now. All you need to do is look for a good proposal example to help you prepare your own proposal and submit to your professor.

Now you are even more confused because you are at a loss where you can get a good research paper proposal example. You shouldn’t be because this paper is all about pointing you to sources through which you can get proofread and top-quality academic sample papers for your use. Here are a few of the sources:

  • Educational Databases: The easiest options are the online databases. There are always an abundance of academic paper samples of various formats and structure. These are uploaded to help students who can’t find their way as far as writing academic papers is concerned. You are sure to get a properly formatted and well-structured proposal example.

  • College Library: That is one advantage of studying in this modern era because looking for and retrieving good research paper proposal example and any other type of sample is easier. All you need to do is to confidently walk up to the school’s resident librarian and tell him or her the type of paper you need.

  • Study Guides: There is hardly any study guide that does not come with one or more examples for easier learning. If you are lucky, you can find a sample proposal in any of the available study guides.

  • Friends: You can ask among your friends, if there are any of them that submitted proposal that might be related to what you are working on, you can borrow their proposal to serve as a guide in writing your own research paper proposal.

  • Your Tutor: This could be your final resort should every other source listed here fail to yield result. Tutors usually have copies of bright students’ work that they can use as samples or keep in their library. You can let your tutor know the difficulty you are having and request for assistance in getting good example proposal from him or her.