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25 Outstanding Research Paper Topics Related To Japan

Writing on Japan can be so much fun if you have the right topic to work on. Here is a list of some topics you can write your research paper on. The right topic will get you good grades while a poor choice will earn you disapproval from the professor.

You will have to go through some of the contemporary news blogs on Japan to get the best information and topics for your research paper. You will have to go through the archives to get fats about the history of the place and various cultural influences and only then will you get new ideas for your paper.

A list of topics for your paper:

  • Historically significant events in Japan before the beginning of world war.

  • The present day situation in Hiroshima.

  • Why Hiroshima was bombed and was it possible to avoid the massacre?

  • What is the relation between present day Japan and Russia?

  • What happened during the Kamakura period?

  • Describe the Heian period in Japan.

  • How was the Nara period different from rest of the eras?

  • How was the society of the country affected by the consequences of the Second World War.?

  • How did Japan get involved in the World Wars?

  • Imperialism and its profound effect in modern Japan. How are the people coping with it?

  • What are the Sino Japanese conflicts?

  • Feminism in Japan.

  • How is the Japanese parliament different from that of the British Parliament?

  • A brief study and research paper on the policies issued by the Japanese government and the government of the United States.

  • Once known as the land of the rising sun, how has Japan evolved over the centuries?

  • The issue of abortion in Japan.

  • Traditional food of Japan and how it has evolved over the years.

  • The various Japanese movies that have inspired some of the best Hollywood films.

  • How are the peopled in Japan influenced by western culture? Has the influence increased recently?

  • The religious beliefs of the people living in Japan and how is it different from Catholicism?

  • The various types of music prevalent in Japan?

  • The rising fuel prices in Japan and the steps taken by the government.

  • How has the diplomatic relations between China and Japan fared over the years?

  • The fundamental rights enjoyed by people of Japan and how are it different from the ones enjoyed by people of the United States.

  • How has Japan advanced in technology and the technological marvels that help them to live in regions prone to frequent earthquakes?