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A List Of The Most Interesting Research Paper Topics For High School Students

Finding the right interesting research paper topics for high school students is not easy. You will have to browse the web and go through many books before you can get the best and most interesting paper topics for high school. Here is a list of some of the most interesting research paper topics that will help many high school students in coming up with a winning paper.

Importance of the subject you are working on

The subject you decide to work on will evaluate the worth of the dissertation you are going to write. You will have to pick something that is both unique and exciting. The research should be on a subject that will pique the reader’s interest and also make them read through all of it. The right subject will draw the reader’s attention and also make him read till the end. This is the surest way of making your work stand out from the rest of the students. It will also make the teacher take note of your work and if it is well written then you are sure to impress your teacher.

Interesting topics to help high school students:

  • The life of an athlete and the struggles he has to go through before gaining popularity.

  • The way censorship is strangling the freedom of creative expression.

  • The laws that deal with juvenile delinquents

  • The purpose of the military and how much do they serve the nation’s interests.

  • Which would a youngster aspire to join, the navy or the artillery.

  • Uniforms at schools and should it be made mandatory in every school.

  • The battle against racism and class division.

  • One sport that requires complete fitness.

  • Children are becoming obese because they do not exercise or because they eat too much junk food.

  • The various government policies that help in global pollutions.

  • How should the international leaders take up the issue of global warming?

  • The effect of social networking among the present generation.

  • Should children be allowed to use cell phones?

  • The use and side effects of prescription of prescription drug abuse.

  • Should advertisements be regulated?

These are just some of the ideas you can work on. If you do your own research you will come up with many more subjects to base your work on. You need not write exactly on the subjects given above but you can develop them to create your own subjects and ideas.