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Looking For Unique Argumentative Research Paper Ideas

Argumentative essays can be a great way to exercise your ability to write convincingly but fairly on topics that you may not necessarily have strong opinions on. It pays to appear dispassionate even when promoting one perspective on the topic as superior to the other. To accomplish this in a research paper you will need to have a certain amount of experience with the style. The following topics can be used in creating argumentative essays for practice or the research paper itself.

  1. Does the environment benefit more from the use of paper or plastic bags?
  2. Is Abortion the best option for some women?
  3. Can Gay rights be considered a natural extension of human rights?
  4. Does good health depend more on exercise or diet?
  5. Should the education system incorporate intense gamification to capture the attention of younger learners?
  6. Should the arts be given more attention in the system?
  7. Should the sciences be taught in a more experiment based practical way?
  8. Should the pursuit of passion be emphasised rather than the acquisition of a career?
  9. Has the space program reaped enough rewards to justify its continued existence?
  10. Is the communist system of resource allocation more suited to some countries than capitalism?
  11. Should the funds used to build the Burj al Khalifa have been diverted to humanitarian aid instead?
  12. Should international law prohibit the construction of buildings that significantly impact the landscape and affect the planet negatively?
  13. Should martial arts training g be mandatory for all women?
  14. Should governments provide asylum to LGBT refugees from intolerant nations?
  15. Should more young people be encouraged to get into agriculture?
  16. Would the impact of the drug trade be lessened by the legalization of all controlled substances?
  17. Should the learning of a second language be mandatory?
  18. Should students above the age of consent be allowed to pursue relationships with their teachers?
  19. To what extent has the food industry insulated the consumer form the experience of foods in their natural state?
  20. Does music therapy provide an effective means of pain management?
  21. Can meditation and visualisation techniques make studying more effective?
  22. Does the increased use of smart gadgets in modern technology cause lower processing abilities in the human brain?

Your research will create either a heavier or lighter burden on you depending on the topic you choose. Bear this in mind and select cautiously.