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A Manual On How To Select Reliable Sources For An Academic Research Paper

Finding sources for a research paper can be tedious, but it is necessary if you want to have a good quality paper, which will stand out from all others. What is crucial is finding the right sources, which will help in the process. There are many sources out there, which compared to previous generations is a huge benefit, but whether these sources are the right ones for you takes some work.

  • Look at multiple sources
  • Find out the reputation of each source

Look at multiple sources

The impact of the Internet has changed how people do research. The Internet, like television, and radio has a ripple effect, which shakes how people find information. The problem that Internet has is the same as with television, and radio in that with advertising comes content control. So when you hear certain programs on certain channels, if advertising is a factor, content can be called into question. The same is if you research online, and you look at a variety of sites, and blogs. The only exception is, if it is a public format, which is the case on both public radio, and public television.

You still cannot go wrong when it comes to printed material, though when you look at books, it is important to research the reputation of the author, and check the bibliography. When looking at newspapers, what slant is the newspaper coming from. The New York Times may not deliver the news, as would the Washington Times, though it is good to have numerous perspectives, if the topic involves current events. The same can be said when watching cable news, though as mentioned before, advertising controls content, but also it helps to be aware of sensationalism, which in recent years has become more apparent in reporting news on television, and radio. One final thing is to also look into podcasts. Many podcasts will offer one perspective, but the info can still be relevant.

Find out the reputation of each source

As I mentioned before with authors, it is important to check the reputation of your sources. Many outlets are not going to please everyone. It would be wise, when looking for resources to look at a variety. If you only go with sources, which have a similar worldview as you, you will not have a well-rounded informed view. Many issues are very complex, and sadly the media sensationalizes most of them, so you risk being misinformed, the more sources you have, you can filter out through research what will work, and overall help with your writing.