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Term Paper Topics: Fresh Ideas To Get Started

Coming up with a topic for your all-important term paper can be quite a task. It is not that you will be unable to find any good topics around; the problem is that you find so many of them! Choosing one topic out of the many potentially amazing ones requires a clear goal and decisiveness. While many students have a general idea of what they want to write their term paper about, not many can pinpoint the exact topic they want to work with. Here are a few prompts to get your mind working to produce fresh ideas:

  1. Environmental health.
  2. Automation.
  3. Addiction.
  4. Love and other relations.
  5. Sex and sexual orientation.
  6. Beauty and discriminatory behaviors.
  7. Appearance and its association with success and failure.
  8. Wealth: What constitutes it.
  9. Wealth: Is it possible to become wealthy without resorting to crime or corruption.
  10. Social Media and stalking.
  11. Child abuse, predators, and the Internet.
  12. Feminism.
  13. Racism.
  14. Nationalism.
  15. Patriotism.
  16. Language.
  17. Immigration Policies.
  18. Global implications of US war against terror.
  19. War against terror: An oxymoron or justified response from the civilized world.
  20. Iraq: from US invasion to ISIS rule.
  21. The Middle East and the West.
  22. US Healthcare Policies/Obama Care: Are reforms helpful?
  23. Minimum Wage.
  24. Poverty: The real causes.
  25. Poverty: can it be eliminated?
  26. Poverty: Does someone gain from the majority being poor?
  27. Corporate World.
  28. Law and Order.
  29. Crime.
  30. US Prison Population.
  31. Diet: Carbohydrates and the human brain.
  32. Diet: Is Pale diet a sham?
  33. Diet: Is vegetarianism logical?
  34. Animal Rights in a world of exploitation.
  35. Terrorism and the human psychology: Effects and consequences.
  36. Media: Does the media report the truth?
  37. Hollywood: Is escape into fantasy the only way to survive the horrors of life?
  38. Political System: Does the US need a third party now?
  39. Consumerism: Why we buy!
  40. Consumerism: Real vs. fabricated needs.
  41. History: What caused WW-I/WW-II.
  42. History: The great depression and the psychology of dearth.
  43. History: Slavery.
  44. Bonded labor: why does the world still practice it?
  45. Evolution: Are there missing links?
  46. Black holes: Theories and perspectives.
  47. Environment: Where is the world heading?
  48. Fracking: What it is, and how it could help/destroy the ecosystem.
  49. Family and the State: a historical analysis.
  50. The criminal gene: fact or fiction?