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Biology Research Paper Topics: Where to Look for Fresh Ideas

Choosing a paper topic can be a tiresome process. Over the course of your lifetime, you have thought of tens and hundreds of research paper ideas. If you are out of new topics, the following biology research paper topics were created with you in mind. Each idea is intended for a biology class. Depending on your professor's directions, you may need to adjust the topic slightly or create your own thesis.

Modern Biological Weapons

In recent months, ebola has been an ongoing news story. Biology students could write a wide range of papers about the ebola epidemic. One of the most intriguing topic ideas would be about the possibility of using ebola as a biological weapon. During the Middle Ages, plague victims were tossed over the walls of besieged cities as an early form of biological weapons. It does not seem completely impossible for this to occur again, so a research paper on this topic would be quite timely.


Originally, early hypnotists were frauds who used the placebo effect and sleight of hand to trick the audience into believing that hypnosis was real. In recent years, research into the power of prayer and hypnosis has cause hypnotism to receive renewed attention. Research papers could cover an argument of if hypnotism is a real biological process or just the placebo effect in action.

Causes of Cancer

One topic that remains fairly popular is about the environmental causes of cancer. Over time, scientists have found different chemicals and environments that are correlated to higher rates of cancer. From the Radon Girls of the 19th century to Chernobyl, environmental factors have played a large role is spurring the rise in cancer.

Nature Versus Nurture: Obesity

Obesity is a rising problem in westernized nations. As countries around the world become more industrialized, their rates of obesity rise rapidly. With this in mind, students can write biology research papers on the effects of genetics and the environment on obesity. How much of obesity is caused by inherited traits and how much of this epidemic is caused by childhood environments? If there is enough space left in the paper, students can also cover the methods available that can prevent obesity in future generations of children and adults.

Outside of these topics, students could write papers on genetic diseases, vaccines, alternative medicine, human origins and the health effects of birth control. A teacher or professor may have specific guidelines for a biology research paper, so these classroom guidelines should be read before considering any topic idea.