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20 Eye-Catching Ideas For Term Papers In History

If you are ever required to write a term paper in history, rest assured that you have one of the easiest tasks in the world. One of the best things about writing a history paper as compared to the others is that you never have to struggle so much with research. Historical factors happened so many years back, and no one would expect you to get into a time machine to go back and collect data to support your paper. All you need to do is to find some time and get into a library, get the books you need for reference and you will be good to go. Alternatively you can also just get online and look for some of the content you need and write a very good paper.

The following are some simple history topics that you can never go wrong with in the event that you are struggling to find a good research paper topic.

  1. The great depression
  2. Critically analyze the impact of 9/11 on historical injustices
  3. Explain why America was referred to as a land of opportunity
  4. Effect of puritanism on modern culture
  5. Discuss the American constitution on the grounds of flexibility
  6. Discuss any other causes of the Civil War other than slavery
  7. Can you justify the war against Vietnam?
  8. Is the world comparatively safer since the Cold War?
  9. With reference to Bill Clinton, should presidents be impeached for moral concerns?
  10. Discuss the Opium Wars in China
  11. Discuss the tragedy that was the Holocaust
  12. Examine the preconditions for the Arab Spring
  13. Analyze and critic the Muslim quest of India
  14. Critic James Cook’s discovery of Australia
  15. Discuss Leonardo Da Vinci as a dyslexic
  16. Discuss the invention of the Arabic numerals by the Hindus
  17. Discuss the shortest war in history, the 1896 Anglo-Zanzibar war
  18. Explain the role of Margaret Thatcher in world history
  19. Why was Hitler man of the year in Time magazine in 1938?
  20. Could/should America have maintained her neutrality in World War 1?

These are topics that you will easily write, without having to struggle with research because they cover a lot of things that happened in real life, and which have been extensively documented. Therefore you should not have a hard time writing this paper at all.