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Finding Sources with Free College Term Paper Examples

When writing college term papers, or any college paper for that matter, you are likely to have the challenge of finding credible sources that prove your argument or opinion. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to find enough really good sources that validate your claims. This can be nerve-racking and can lead to hours of wasted work as you are eventually forced to change your argument or topic towards something that is more manageable. A great trick is looking to college term paper examples to find such sources. Here’s what you need to know:

Locating papers using databases:

Library databases are great resources that college students rarely utilize. Yet, they really should be the first places to search for potential topics, relatable sources, and for ideas towards more sources you can consult by reviewing bibliographies. Arrive to your college or university library with a list of potential topics and speak with a librarian so you can be sure of which databases you should search. Use specific keywords to bring up related articles. Pay attention to all suggested readings and see if you can download a few articles directly from the database. These sources should be excellent for your term paper but look at each article’s bibliography for more suggestions.

Downloading online papers:

Searching online for sample college term papers will bring up dozens of free papers available for download. A more refined search, with a specific subject or keywords, will bring up term papers that relate to your topic and should give you some pretty good sources to expand your research. Just be careful that you don’t plagiarize by copying a portion of the papers without giving proper credit. Because it’s relatively easy to find these sources, it’s quite easy to cheat. Professors will likely check for instances of plagiarism particularly when they suspect the style of your writing changing in the middle of your essay.

Reviewing previous student papers:

Some professors will keep several student papers they use as examples for current students to access. Let your professor know what term paper topic you are considering. He or she might give you several samples related to your topic for you to use and reference when you are searching for your own sources. You should be aware, however, that sometimes using too many of the previously used sources can make your paper seem quite familiar. You wouldn’t want to be mistakenly accused of plagiarism.