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Essential Features Of A Good APA Research Paper Introduction

One of the vital parts of a good APA research paper is the introduction. You need to make sure that you take the time to write an effective introduction that really sets your reader up to be able to handle the rest of your piece. Here are the essential features that help the paper turn out right.

  • Attention hog
  • You want your piece to grab the attention of your reader and make them want to continue reading your piece. One way to effectively do that is by finding an interesting fact about your subject that will make the reader want to know more. This should be something that is shocking and unbelievable. It will help you present something that is really important and something that your reader will be focused on reading more about.

  • The setup
  • Next your research paper should set up the rest of the paper. If your topic has specific lingo or vocabulary that is not common, you will want to present it. If there are some historical events that need to be discussed, the introduction is where that is done. You want to get your reader ready for the rest of the piece.

  • Backing it up
  • You need to include any background information that may be essential to understanding the rest of the piece. It is vital that you give your reader the information that they need as if they have never heard of the topic before. You should write your papers as if they have never heard of it, but don’t include any information that is not essential to the thesis.

  • Thesis
  • This is the heart of your paper and the whole reason why you are writing it. Your thesis should be presented at the end of the introduction. It can be used as a transition to your first body paragraph as well. This is going to be the focus of your paper and you will need to make sure that the rest of the introduction caters to helping someone understand this statement and the body will prove it.

Make sure that you are creating an introduction that presents only enough information that is needed to prove the thesis. However, it has to be thorough enough to provide the right information to the audience. So, read it as a whole and ask if everything is there that is needed for setting up the thesis. Then, break it down by sentence and ask if they all are needed to prove the thesis.