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A List Of Catchy Research Paper Ideas On The History Of Ancient Greece

Olympics are the biggest quadrennial sporting event in the world. It is fantastic to even think that it has its origin in Greek civilization. Come to think of it, many layers of today’s life carry the imprints of the thoughts of those times.

Thinking beyond the means

Ancient Greeks come across as personalities who could have easily settled into their lives in style and enjoyed the proceedings; instead they labored and willed to propagate their evolved thinking and styles into the world around them. They are a fascinating subject for research papers.

Clarity of ideas

One brilliant point of research about them was their clarity of ideas. They were very vocal about various subjects, whether it is Architecture or Medicine. Their ingenuity in pottery, sculpture and other fine arts is an aberration compared to the relative ignorance of the times. Their concept of Government; defined roles of both genders and principles of hierarchy are all mind-boggling. These have influenced and shaped many of today’s states and nations.

Quest for perfection

Students, while writing their research papers, should make an in-depth analysis of the thought-process of the times; evaluate how the Greeks were evolved beyond their age and lay bare the reasons behind their success. So wide is their expanse of perfection, that students may feel free to delve into any genre and they will not find the Greeks lacking.

Research should also creep into the individual mindset of the times; how everyone thought of contributing in part to the society as a whole; shaping a Utopian civilization.

Topics on excellence

Here is a list of 10 catchy research paper topics on Ancient Greece –

  1. Evaluate on how Homer’ Odyssey comes across with all the inherent qualities of an epic
  2. An analysis of Plato’s ideals and his influence on the future thinkers
  3. Did Greek History create the modulus of patriarchy? Define the role of women in the times with examples and variances
  4. A research on the various forms of Greek art
  5. The elements of Greek civilization and how did it influence later Europe
  6. Shed light on how the eye for details was so developed in Greek architects even in ancient times. Place the designs of Parthenon and other structures as examples
  7. Weave a research paper through varied Greek mythological stories and characters
  8. Compare and contrast Greek Civilization with Roman civilization
  9. Assess the depth of Greek faith in Gods. How did they actually place their faith into process?
  10. Evaluate Greek concept of medicine, theater and politics